We are an incredibly powerful springboard for your brand as a unique platform that helps people getting active

How it works

Proven Formula & Process



Three Key Rules

of Engagement

INSPIRE - with authentic and relevant content

CHALLENGE - with weekly sport challenges and targets

REWARD - with our brand partners' products



We create ‘moments’ in peoples’ incredibly busy day. This is when they are the most receptive to our brand partners messages.

Our UK numbers :


4.30 minutes



average reading our content


60% finishers

per challenge


1 000 000

reach per month



Opening Rate

Data and insights

We know our HEROES

The more they use our platforms, the better we know them. Thanks to this invaluable knowledge, we can offer to our Heroes personalised brand experiences, and give you and your brand invaluable insights about who was engaged throughout the campaigns. 

Our unique technology enables us to collect vast amount of data on a daily basis. Whether our Heroes walk to work, take a coffee break reading our blog, commute on their bike or fo for a run in the evening... we are part of their every day life.

We analyse this data to provide you with analyses and targeting strategies to improve your marketing campaigns. We are also able to survey our active community about your brand and your industry to collect valuable qualitative insights.


More than 150 brands trust us

inspiring stories, content creation, events, sports challenges, rewards... We provide brands with a 360" ecosystem, to inspire, engage and reward our community. 

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